Construction Bookkeeping Specialists in Queensland

MySOS understand trades businesses. Margaret Whitfield, the Founder of MySOS, has a background in civil constructions, so we really understand trades businesses. We’ve worked with hundreds of tradies including electricians, plumbers, carpenters and many other construction businesses. Helping this industry has given us heaps of insight into what goes on in daily in their business. We appreciate how hard working these clients are and we want to help them succeed.

How we help

Get paid faster

Unfortunately, too many businesses in the construction industry struggle to get paid on time and as a result, cashflow is tight. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We can help you get paid faster by taking a look at your current job schedule, cash management system and invoicing processes. After we’ve had a thorough look at the issues that impact your cashflow, we’ll give you practical ways to actually make positive changes in your business.

Don’t waste your time (or your partner’s time) dealing with bookkeeping

Our knowledge of the Building and Construction industry comes from within the industry. The majority of the staff at MySOS are “Tradie Wives” so we live the issues ourselves and have solved them plenty of times before.

Many of our clients speak to us because they or their partner is spending too much time (often late at night) trying to sort out their books. It makes them really busy, stressed and often means the finances aren’t in the best condition. Are you in the same spot? Do you feel swamped by piles of paperwork and receipts? Just like building a house or installing equipment, bookkeeping needs to be handled by a professional. Margaret and the team at MySOS can deal with this for you, and save you time and money as well. We’re experienced, qualified professionals with a detailed understanding of construction businesses.

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