Do you know for certain that you are paying your staff correctly? This aspect of your role as an employer is crucial to get right. This is the sort of thing that can land you in a world of hurt if you get it wrong. Can you imagine if you were unknowingly underpaying your staff for a number of years? The implications to this could be disastrous to your business. My SOS can do an evaluation of your staff, awards and payments to confirm accuracy.

Payroll Bureau Service Process All:

  • Timesheets
  • Award Interpretations
  • Wage rises/ age increase
  • Wage audits
  • “Workforce guardian” member (bullying etc) intermediate
  • HR Queries
  • Create aba file for bank payments
  • Super – reporting new members
  • Super stream compliance
  • PAYG reporting
  • IAS instalment Activity Statement
  • BAS
  • Payroll Tax
  • Payment Summaries
  • Work Cover
  • As little or much as required
  • Tanda (Time & Attendance) setup and quote

*New Client Payroll Audit Analysis


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